Goddess Yoga is a term that describes various yoga experiences that invoke or awaken specific Goddess power and energy. Yoginis will visualize the goddess, meditate on her, chant mantras and practice asanas that awaken the DIVINE FEMININE energy. Shakti  (the divine femine energy) empowers our existance in the material world. Each Goddess in name and form represents a current of creation into which we can “plug into” to recieve wisdom and guidence for our lives.

You will be provided information on a particular Goddess through handouts & discussion (handouts will include a Picture of the Goddess, her meaning, her Mantra and Mudra) Invoking the power of this particular Goddess in you!

Our Yoga practice focuses on the energies of strength, love, peace and wisdom.
The goals are happiness and healing.

This 6 week program runs Saturday mornings from 10-12noon. From Nov 17-22 2018.