The 2 Week Yoga and Mantra Empowerment LIVE ON-LINE or Instudio  March 19-30, 6am-7:30am Mon thru Fri.

This program combines a 90 minute classical hatha practice with the power of mantra at key points in the practice. Sessions are live stream so you can enjoy the practice in the comfort of your own home.
Tiru Neela Kantam is mantra for disolving negitive karmic traits as well as giving and recieving forgivness. Many feel lightness and joy as a result of letting go of the past.

The focus for Morning  Mantra Empowerments is to align your mind & body through the physical practice of Asana woven with chosen Mantra to align oneself with the intended effects of the Mantra. 

Listening to & chanting Mantra provides many benefits which include reducing anxiety & depression, steadying the mind, generating more compassion,  increasing immune functions, easing fears, synchronizing brain waves.

Regular consistent practice is the fastes & easiest way to get the the full potential of Yoga. Yoga is the process of finding union with the divine or the greater self.

This time around we will be using Tiru Neela Kantam to remove negitive karma and forgive the past.

Here is a testimonial from a past participant

“Waking at 5:30 for this was hard, but my days were amazing! I feel so alive again. In just two weeks my body feels so much stronger (i’m thrilled about this), more flexible, and my mind is clearer too. I feel like this is the proper way to live and is essential for anyone who may feel stuck in a rut. My energy levels are higher than before -even with less sleep, and my days seem so much more full of bliss.
Being able to do the practice at home was great for me, I don’t want to leave the house that early! I really enjoyed the opening and ending chanting, even though they were slightly intimidating, by the end i was singing them too. “
Here is sample of the Gayatri mantra that we have used in prvious empowerments.