Join us for a heart-opening evening of Sacred Chocolate at Loving Spirit hOMe Studio in Barrie!

First: Guided tasting and sacred teaching of the Divine Food – raw, fermented Criollo cacao -hand-sourced and carried by Kerry Jade directly from Mexico
Next: Bean to Brain Chocolate Workshop – The transformation of raw cacao into handmade, stone-ground chocolate! We will follow the 5000 year-old recipe invented by Mesoamerican women and gifted by Kerry’s teachers to be shared and preserved

Event cost: $33 per person, limited spaces
Exceptionally delicious and potent raw cacao from Oaxaca and Tabasco Mexico will also be available to purchase

Then: Cacao Ceremony! by the fire ( bring outdoor wear for this)
Offering gratitude to the Great Cacao Medicine and to Our Beloved Big Mama ♥
By sharing the sacred chocolate beverage, we open the portal between worlds to ask the wisdom of our ancestors and the blessings of the gods at this powerful time of year when the veil may be gently pushed aside – A guided channeling ritual will be offered by Kerry for all who wish to ask and are open to receive.
This ceremony is Free!